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Entry #17

Kings of Nowhere

2017-08-18 15:27:34 by Rooshie

Hey Newgrounds!

Last month I decided to drop everything I was doing and finally pursue the goal I've had for the past half decade. Start my damn graphic novel already. I'm proud to say that I have started and the process is going well. I just want as many people to be able to see my work and be involved in the process. I post updates on my instagram several times a week and you can also catch me working on the novel a couple times a week on my twitch . Come say hi on one of my other platforms and be involved with the creation of this pretty epic tale. Anyways, thanks for dropping by. Have a good one.



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2017-08-18 17:55:07

Your art style is very impressive my dude, I'll be glad to read it!

Rooshie responds:

Awesome dude! Thanks for the comment!


2017-08-20 00:25:17

Radical, I've seen your work around, really great stuff.

Rooshie responds:

I appreciate it man :)


2017-09-20 13:46:00

v good contrast. i do envy u